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18th June 2012

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Erm… Well that was just… odd. I’m going to pretend it didn’t happen since the other Teri Meri sequence was so perfect.

Guys, you have a real plot for once! you don’t need to insert these random scenes just to ensure that some fans get the ‘Arshi’ scenes they’re desperate for.

I’m sure lots of people did like it but it just didn’t really work for me.

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15th June 2012

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I’m so impressed with the increase in intelligence shown by the writers and Khushi and Shyam in the past few episodes. Also having Payal notice Shyam’s continuing interest in Khushi and trying to intervene is probably their way of heading off a potential repeat of the Daljeet-leaving-situation with Deepali.

All signs seem to point to Arnav misunderstanding Khushi again but at least this time he’ll have a valid reason for doing so. Then hopefully we can finally move on to Arnav and the Raizadas finding out the truth about everything.

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11th June 2012

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Anonymous said: I read somewhere that when Shyam successfully blames Khushi for everything and everyone including Arnav start hating her.I also read that he tries to blame her but nobody believes him. Which is true? Also, this is mine so could you read it and tell me what you think? Thanks!

No idea which is true. If Arnav hates her once again, I really don’t think their relationship has any worth if he still can’t trust her after he’s seen all her attempts to save him.

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11th June 2012


Anonymous said: what will happen in 11 june 2012 's episode of ipkknd? :)

I didn’t answer this before because I have no psychic powers.

11th June: Shyam is the kidnapper, shock! horror! surprise! (not!) and he flashbacked for a good 10 minutes about things we already knew. The only new information is that if Arnav’s death is not a natural one his money goes into some sort of trust.

Khushi moped some more and Anjali, Nani and Payal dressed up in suits and… I don’t really know what the point of that was. Then Khushi went to the temple and made up with Devi Maiyya and asked for her help to find Arnav.

Khushi sees blood on Shyam’s shoes and the episode ends.

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11th June 2012

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Super busy so random thoughts:

-If Arnav once again mistrusts Khushi about her relationship with Shyam I don’t think he can redeem himself this time.

-However, I do want Khushi to hold a grudge or some sort against Arnav. I would have absolutely loved it if it had been at the time he spoke about her parents but I will accept if this time Arnav hesitates slightly (just hesitates mind you not actually believes Shyam) about vocalising his belief in Khushi and she takes it badly.

-Daljeet’s an actor, she wants to further her career and the role of Anjali thus far has been stagnant. If I can accept Barun doing a movie to do the same thing then I fully accept Daljeet’s decision. I will miss her but the new actress looks like she would be a good fit for the character.

-I’m so bored by this kidnapping track. No that doesn’t mean I just want Arnav and Khushi playing happy families all the time. I want a track that holds my interest and doesn’t insult my intelligence. First their excuse for nonsensical tracks was IPL, then Barun’s leave and soon it will be that the new Anjali needs time to adjust.

-If Shyam wants Arnav to die a natural death why not just withhold his food and medicines for a few days? Arnav would probably go into a coma and although there would be questions about why Arnav hadn’t eaten in days it would still be ruled a natural death.

-I always wanted another character to question Khushi’s lack of relationship with Devi Maiyya recently and I had hoped it would have been Arnav but all this has done is prove once again just how oblivious the rest of the families really are to Khushi and her problems.

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7th June 2012


liberasian said: Hey, I understand what you said about the excuses behind the filler episodes & stuff, and it frustrates me too. But I think that I they had amazing episodes every day, the drama would've ended a very long time ago because they'd quickly run out of stuff to show. So they need to drag the storyline & major developments on so they don't run out of content to show. Well, that's my theory anyway :)

I honestly don’t know how I feel because this is the first Indian serial I’ve watched in completion (as in from start to…now) so I can’t accurately compare it to other shows and how they handle their storylines.

But I don’t think that the show needed to drag as much as it has so far because in effect, the show’s been on for nearly a year (over 200 episodes) and in absolutely basic terms, what has happened? I mean overall plot-wise? Not a lot.

I don’t mean that I want Arnav and Khushi to get together immediately and then I’d be happy, (I wouldn’t) but I just feel that the story hasn’t progressed as much as I would have expected it to in a year.

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7th June 2012

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Anonymous said: Omg are you the creator of the blog remembering dreams?!! that blog is amazing... I spend so much time there and there are soo many amazing fanfics!!

I am indeed! Thank you :)

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7th June 2012

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7th June 2012

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Arnav and Khushi's Evolving Relationship over the Past Year →

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4th June 2012


Anonymous said: where's the shooting location???

I have no idea. I assume downtown Mumbai somewhere?

Follow the spiders! … er… I mean fangirls. ;)

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2nd June 2012

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NK will be back on the show from next week :)

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30th May 2012

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NK’s re-entry has been delayed for a week.

Possibly once all the kidnapping stuff is out of the way he’ll be back.

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28th May 2012

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Jungle Hut - Suhaag Raat →

There’s lots of spoilers/rumours going around about Khushi also being kidnapped, getting shot, escaping with Arnav… all very filmy and whatever but I’ll take it.

BUT… but! Please, please do not have them have sex in stupid jungle hut while on the run from goondas (and when they haven’t even cleared up all the issues between them). I absolutely hate this trope in Indian TV! But I should have known it was coming since I already predicted it 4 months ago. Argh!

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23rd May 2012

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NK is coming back :D

Hopefully he’ll help Khushi find Arnav since the rest of the family are too emotionally weak for her to ask for help.

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22nd May 2012

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Karan Goddwani will confirm in 2 days time if he’s coming back to IPKKND

So I assume that means they’re currently in talks about his role and what he’ll be doing. Sooo happy! (Provisionally)

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